Schools and Colleges

Schools and Colleges

Prepare for a unique experience.

We work with many independent boarding and day schools across England, many are in the East of England including Bedfordshire, Cambridge, Ely, Essex, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, and more recently further afield. We are highly experienced at providing Guardianship services and offer school search services by helping families find the right school for their child, we form warm professional relationships and work closely with each school visiting regularly and enjoy valued partner status with many.

You may already know which school you would like your child to attend or you may be unsure, in which case, get in touch with us today as we can offer you direction through the complex world of education decision making. We understand the subtle differences between schools. We are able to recommend the academically traditional and those schools who enjoy close links with Oxford and Cambridge Universities as well as smaller schools, those with extraordinary art and sports facilities or those who care brilliantly for students with more specialised needs.

When your child is attending a school we will help them achieve educational success and settle into their new environment by attending academic meetings including parent teacher meetings where we can speak on behalf of parents and if needed arrange specialist teachers and tutors for either after the school day or during the short school breaks.

After choosing a school selecting an appropriate university is the next hurdle to jump. We support students with guidance on courses and we are able to arrange open day visits, we know from experience that it is important for the university to ‘feel’ right and provide the appropriate care and support needed.

To succeed at a good British school students need a sound knowledge of English for Academic purposes, a key skill is being able to think and express yourself analytically in English. We offer support in this area and the skills acquired are then transferrable to subject specific study.

Our talented tutors are available when students are not able to fully engage with what is being presented to them in class. This may be due to a misconnect in teaching and learning styles,  having specific needs, cultural differences or just needing a confidence boost.

Our tutors will work closely with students as they inspire a passion for learning, they work closely with schools to fully understand the students needs and help them achieve the best possible academic outcome. Our tutors’ lessons are specifically tailored to suit personal learning needs and help in achieving that little extra which may mean the difference in a grade or achieving a competitive university place.

Schools Where We Have Recently Provided Guardianship

Below is a selection of the schools we have worked with recently.

We provide you if you are studying at these schools with  personally customised Guardianship services including a fully checked and matched host family, transportation assistance provided by our transport partner, regular school visits and attendance at all important school meetings and 24/7 emergency support- whatever your problem.


Bedford School
Bedford School Study Centre


Queen Anne’s School
The Oratory School


Stowe School


Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies
Kimbolton School
King’s Ely
King’s Ely International
MPW- Cambridge
St Christophers School
St Francis School
St Mary’s School
The Leys School
The Stephen Perse Sixth Form College


Brentwood School
Felsted School
Walden School
New Hall School


Berkhampsted School
Bishop Stortford College
Hockerill Anglo European College
Princess Helena College
Queenswood School
St Edmunds College
St Francis College


King’s Canterbury
Wellesley House (Prep School)


Mill Hill International
Harrow School
Westminster School


Greshams School
Wymondham College


Culford School
Framlington College
Ipswich School
Royal Hospital School
St Joseph’s College
Thetford School
Woodbridge School


King Edwards Whitley
St Teresa’s School
St John’s School

To enquire about any school not listed above please contact us or complete our schools enquiry form.