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Would you like to enrich the life of another and your own…

We are currently looking for host families to share their homes with an International student joining day and boarding schools, we need host families who would like to:

  • Welcome an international student into their family and home
  • Make a positive difference to the experience of a student studying in England
  • Enjoy making international friendships
  • Share family life with an international student
  • Learn about other cultures and countries
  • Earn extra monthly income from home

What is a host family?

In our experience you are about to enter a very pleasant journey of cultural exchange new friendships and fun. Hosts provide students with a warm, safe and friendly home and an authentic taste of English life by showing a student the side of where you live that you love. Hosts provide care, comfort and communication to students as they include them in family life. This experience provides a rich context to compliment the education student receives at school. You will experience true cultural exchange and help create a ‘home away from home’ for your student.

No two host families are the same. The types of families, homes and relationships are all very different, but successful host families have the same ingredients in common:

Comfort, Communication and Care

Successful hosting experiences happen because we understand the requirements of our international families and match these closely with our exemplar host families who share the same values and approach. Our host families are all located close to our students schools. Our families are located mostly in the East of England with many in Cambridge and Ely, we have recently increased our number of hosts to include families further afield.

We follow AEGIS guidelines and the code of practice when selecting host families and our contracts and procedures have all been recently and rigorously checked. We are personally responsible for our host family selection, and when hosts have completed our information form we will arrange a home visit where we will talk about what hosting means, child protection, safety and care. Following this visit we will complete security and reference checks. We apply the highest levels of care to ensure the safety of our students and reward hosts generously and quickly for their hospitality.

*It is usual for international students to stay either stay in host family accommodation during term time and return home for the longer school holidays or for boarding students to be hosted for shorter periods of two weekends per term and the half term holidays. The majority of our students return to their own country for the longer Christmas/Easter and Summer breaks, although this may vary with individual students.

Why be a host family?

  • Receive generous weekly income and expenses
  • Learn about other countries and cultures
  • Children of host families enjoy making new international friends
  • Developing friendships with international students and their families forges close bonds and life long relationships
  • Enjoyment of sharing British culture and local knowledge
  • Hosting can be combined with your normal commitments and lifestyle

Staff support, 24 hours a day

Being a host is about more than just having a student stay in your home, You will benefit from our complete service of host support- from marketing and insurance, through to 24/7 emergency phone access and timely payments as you will be rewarded financially and through other benefits available to our host families. We are with you every step of the way when you host a student for us- we help find a student suitable for you and your family providing detailed background information before the student arrives, we guide you through the students’ arrival and provide a comprehensive care plan explaining in detail about the student and their needs, we explain to the student any house rules and we continue to offer help, advice and support.

How to get started?

Enjoy a unique experience and contribute to a student’s educational journey and help them settle into their new educational environment.

Our online host family form takes two minutes to complete: here.

We are currently looking for host families in locations close to the schools where our students study and especially in: Cambridge, Bedfordshire, Ely, Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Oxford, Hertfordshire and London.

Please get in touch today and call us today for a confidential chat: 01223 233204.

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