Cambridge Guardian Angels works closely with a small number of trusted transport providers.

Our drivers have many years experience working with our schools and students. All young children will be met on arrival by a driver who is known to us and security checked. Our drivers check flight times, allowing for delays, provide a ‘meet and greet’ airport pick up service and contact us straight away if a student or flight is delayed. For younger students the drivers are known to the Airlines and will check unaccompanied minors through and see them safely into the departure halls before they hand over responsible to the Airport staff.  They then call us confirming each student has departed or arrived safely with all their belongings, ensuring we can pass this information onto parents. When our younger students  are travelling alone we are able to track their progress using GPS location apps to ensure they are never lost or alone.

All our students receive an emergency card, among the essential numbers listed is the name and number of a trusted transport company able to provide an out of hours service, ensuring wherever a student is they are in safe hands.

Students are also given assistance arranging rail, oyster cards and coach travel.

To help with the daily bike ride to College through the narrow Cambridge city streets. We provide 90 minutes of bike training with the help of a local company. In September when students arrive the trainer will meet the student at their College and show them the safest quickest route to their host family and around Cambridge city.

Our 6th form day students have flexibility when they leave and return to their host families and often enjoy a longer stay as they do not have to work within the strict school and boarding house rules. Students may choose to stay and study with tutors during the mid term breaks. Summer holidays can be Duke of Edinburgh expedition time or work experience and tuition courses. We arrange transport for departing day students travelling at their convenience during the vacation time and arrange taxi pick up’s when the students arrive back at the start of the new term.