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Day Students

Day School Students

In recent years we have extended our services to include day students attending exclusive schools and colleges.

By offering high levels of support and care we help students through their later teenage years, which allows them to focus their abilities on their academic work.

We support students as they make the transition from school life to sixth form and on to become conscientious students at university, who are able to live and study independently.

We offer these students’ a comprehensive range of care suited to their unique needs and age. This includes:

  • Long term host family accommodation close to the student’s schools and with good public transport services
  • A close, personal relationship as we help students achieve their personal and academic goals and plan their academic future
  • Registering with local authorities and medical providers
  • Greater assistance with the students’ academic growth and social development including mentoring and support services with our extensive network of teachers. trainers and tutors

By providing day students with all of our premium services along with a package of extra support tailored to those living and studying independently we ensure that they receive the extra levels of care more usually provided by boarding schools.

Inclusive fees (per school year) £ 1000 host family management, £ 2000 guardianship services (+VAT)
Minimum number of formal student visits during each term

We enjoy meeting day students during their pre College registration day when we encourage a meeting with our host families. We then meet our students usually in the days just before term starts to help them prepare for the College term, this will include collecting their BRP and Police registration. We help with registering with doctors, opening bank accounts, buying College supplies and bikes etc. Early in the term we meet students to check they are settling and we attend College curriculum introduction meetings. During the Spring and Summer terms we continue to visit our students at both formal School and College meetings or informally outside College hours. At the end of the Sixth Form we always try and accompany our students to their leaving ceremonies.
Long term host family selection

Our day students are placed with long term host families. it is important these students have quick easy access to their place of study and to the city facilities that will make their stay enjoyable. We do not place day students in out of city villages or in areas that require long bus or train journeys. If a day student pre visits, we include maps with distances to College clearly shown.
Increased levels of host-family contact and assistance

Our day students stay with long term host families during term time and the mid term breaks, we have regular formal and informal communication with our families.
Increased levels of parent contact and assistance

We enjoy close, warm and open communication with our day students families and happily answer all questions or concerns.When parents visit we can help with recommending accommodation and provide airport transfers. When student’s leave we help parents with apartment closures and International shipping and storage arrangements.
Emergency 24-hour phone service

We provide an emergency service for day students while they are in England, this includes when they are on College trips and if they return to their host families before the start of term or leave after the end of term.
Increased levels of student contact and assistance

We are on call 24/7 while our day students are staying with their host families and we maintain contact with our students through email, text, phone, Skype, messaging and WhatsApp- depending on the students preference. We become like a locally based parent who knows each student well as we arrange everything from transport for weekend trips to communicating with their friends and their parents.
Increased levels of attendance at School events

We can attend all College events that parents are invited to attend.
Host family security checks

All family members age 16 years + will be enhanced DBS security checked for our students protection and we hold two references on a students primary carer. We carry out annual re inspections of host families. Families receive a comprehensive induction pack including manuals and policies to cover most eventualities and they are encouraged to take online Child protection training.
Increased levels of Academic support

We are closely involved in our day students academic aims and ambitions, we can provide parents with impartial academic advice and feedback. We attend the termly teacher conference meetings with our students and if needed we can offer personally tailored tuition with our network of experienced teachers based on the students IB or A Level courses.
Learning Support Assistance with fully qualified tutors

We communicate between schools and families arranging learning support assessments and we organise tutoring sessions outside school hours our teachers are experienced and work closely with the schools to provide study support, please contact us for further details.
Transportation arrangements

We arrange transport with fully DBS checked drivers who hold the current and correct insurances. In addition to the start and end of term transfers we arrange transport for our students when they have open days, university visits, work experience etc.
Increased levels of administration assistance

We will assist day students with all aspects of their administrative needs. This includes registering on arrival with all authorities and medical providers.
Follow-on school and university advice

We attend all competitive university meetings arranged by the schools and we offer objective advice about next steps be it new schools or advice on potential subject choice at University.
Half term Specialist Courses arrangements

We arrange personally tailored tuition during the short holidays with a network of tutors who are qualified to teach study skills, critical thinking and a range of A Level and IB subjects. Please contact us for further details.

I would like to show my sincere thanks to Julia Evans and CGA for their work for my daughter who desired to study A Levels at a day school in Cambridge after finishing her GCSE in a boarding school in the UK two years ago.

One could imagine how helpless we were when the existing guardian at that time could do little to help us finding a suitable host family for my daughter. Until we found CGA and Julia from the internet, we started feeling relieved and the support and assistance from Julia to my daughter began.

CGA is based in Cambridge and Julia is a local dweller. She is very familiar with the community and has an excellent local network. As a parent with overseas working experience Julia not only knows well the needs and difficulties of international students but she also cares much for what parents like us worry and concern about. She works closely with parents.

What my experience with CGA is that Julia performs the education guardianship with heart and she is always helpful with a view to facilitate my daughter well settle in Cambridge. I hoped that my daughter could be living with a host family as close to the school as possible to minimise the travel difficulties. Julia helped me to sort them out thoroughly. She initiated a meeting with me and introduced the host family when I decided to come over to Cambridge to accompany my daughter to start the school term. She also closely followed through the school schedule and attended the parents and guidance meetings by informing me her attendance in advance and provided reports for me for reference shortly afterwards through email. She responded to my enquiries quickly and gave me all the information and assistance I needed and the logistics arrangements of my daughter’s self-arranged curricular activities. I feel very safe and like I get a friend who knows me well to offer me a helping hand on time on every occasion.

The support for me and my daughter has never failed in the past two years. Julia and CGA are so reliable and trustworthy that I would recommend it to those who are looking for a guardian for their children in Cambridge. I wish CGA continues to be cherished by students and parents.

Parent – Hong Kong